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How Media Agencies Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint
Carbon management can be a bit overwhelming, especially for smaller agencies. We will walk you through some reasons and benefits for agencies to go net-zero - and how your agency can get there.
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Carbon Emissions Reporting in CDP: What you Need to Know
If you have been requested to disclose to CDP by one of your investors or a major purchaser, or indeed you have decided to participate voluntarily, you will no doubt have contemplated the mountainous task at hand.
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Online vs. In-Store: And the (Sustainability) Winner is…
Accelerated by globalisation and a change in consumer behaviour, e-commerce has continuously grown over the past years. In 2020, e-retail sales accounted for 18 percent of all retail sales worldwide - and this figure is expected to reach 21.8 percent in 2024. 
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Introducing: Planetly by OneTrust’s ESG Portfolio Manager
Planetly by OneTrust’s ESG Portfolio Manager is designed to enable financial investors to implement ESG management for their investment portfolio and to facilitate the processes around ESG reporting.
What is Corporate Sustainability and Why is it Important?
With a shift in the mindset of the business world, companies these days are expected to engage in practices that are good for the environment and people. Corporate sustainability is defined as the incorporation of long-term and sustainable values into a company’s business strategy and value creation. The sustainability of corporate action is based on the three pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance (short: ESG). This implies that businesses that implement a corporate sustainability strategy should not only commit to a responsible use of natural resources, but also ensure that everyone involved in your business process is treated fairly and with respect. 
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What Tech Companies can do to Reduce and Avoid Emissions
Life has become tremendously more digital since 2020, with the consumption of online, streaming and entertainment services booming more than ever. Since March 2020, several countries have recorded an increase in internet traffic of at least 20%. 
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How Insurance Companies Can Successfully Tackle Climate Change

The effects of climate change present insurance companies with a variety of new uncertainties. The good news: insurers are predestined pioneers here. They have the opportunity to truly lead the way in helping to build a more sustainable economy and at the same time reduce their own risk exposure.