Build Your Tailor-Made Carbon Reduction Plan

Planetly supports you in developing a holistic reduction strategy, setting ambitious reduction targets in line with latest climate science, and identifying short to long-term reduction measures.

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Actionable Analytics & Insights

Easily identify your company's emission hotspots and turn those insights into action.

Science-Based Target Setting

Set company-wide reduction targets for your business in line with the latest climate science.

Impactful Reduction Measures

Identify reduction actions that matter and engage your entire company to reduce emissions.

Reduction Solution Partner Network

Engage with our reduction solution partners to immediately implement your first carbon reduction measures.


Carbon Reduction:
The Most Crucial
Step Towards Global Net-Zero Emissions

To be net-zero, a company must first reduce all possible emissions and compensate any residual emissions with carbon removal projects.

On the road to net-zero emissions, companies set short-term and long-term science-based targets, take action to mitigate emissions within and beyond their value chains and neutralise residual emissions through the permanent removal and storage of carbon from the atmosphere.


The Most Effective Carbon
Reduction for Your Business

Identify Emission Hotspots and Start Acting Now

Gain transparency about your carbon emissions and understand your biggest emission drivers. Based on your analysis results, we help you define so-called Easy Wins, i.e. reduction potentials that can be implemented short- to mid-term without changing your core business model.

Develop & Implement a Decarbonisation Strategy

Turn ambition into action: We support your business with setting decarbonisation targets & deriving a reduction action plan, including sector-specific reduction measures for your core business operations. Choose from our broad network of reduction partners and engage your employees to initiate change.

Set & Submit Science-Based Targets

We help you to set ambitious climate targets in line with latest climate science and support you throughout the entire process of setting and submitting your targets in line with the Science Based Targets initiative, from readiness assessment, target modelling to communication of your targets.

“With Planetly as a partner, we were able to analyse our carbon
footprint and can now develop sustainable reduction measures to make a positive impact.”

Stephan Herrlich, Managing Director

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ESG Portfolio Manager

Reduce Emissions Through Green Energy

Green energy is one of the biggest carbon reduction levers for businesses. And there is more than one way to sustainable energy: switching to a green electricity provider, using renewable energy through energy attribute certificates (EAC) or Power-Purchase-Agreements (PPAs) or installing solar systems directly on your production site. We will help you find the ideal solution for your business.

Easily Track & Report Your Progress

Track and monitor your performance against your reduction targets in interactive dashboards, custom-built according to your needs and preferences, and communicate your progress with different stakeholder groups.

Our Carbon Reduction Experience at a Glance


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