Impactful Offsetting
For Businesses

Offset emissions that you cannot yet reduce and avoid. Support a wide range of certified carbon offset projects across the world for immediate impact.

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Offset Portfolios Tailored to Your Organisation

We will create your custom climate action portfolio, in line with your company values, location and budget.

Real Impact Through Highest Standards

All our projects are certified by the highest standards to ensure your contribution creates real world impact.

Trusting Relationships With Project Developers

Our team personally sources quality projects & carries out due diligence to find projects that offer the highest environmental integrity.

Transparent & Fair Pricing

We offer fair and transparent prices that ensure that a majority of your finance goes directly back into the project.

Why Offset Your Corporate Carbon Footprint?

When you first embark on your climate journey, you probably won’t be able to reduce all emissions straight away. Offsettingis a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on those unavoidable emissions.

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Choose From a Wide Range of Carbon Offset Projects to Offset Your Company's Residual Emissions

Renewable Energy Projects


Clean Drinking Water Projects

Efficient Cookstoves Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

Rainforest Protection Projects

High-quality Climate Projects

Local & International Initiatives for Climate Action

In addition to compensation, Planetly offers a range of local and international initiatives that you can support to make a further positive impact.

Local Afforestation

Local afforestation projects
in Germany and the UK

Moorland Restoration

Protection of Germany’s moors
through re-wetting initiatives

Ocean Protection

Ocean plastic collection and recycling in the Philippines, Indonesia & Haiti

“With Planetly, we found an innovative and experienced partner. I am particularly enthusiastic about our individual climate action portfolio which also includes local projects that we particularly care about.”

Alexander Artopé, Co-Founder & CEO

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