Scope 1 Emissions

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What are Scope 1 emissions?

Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions that include greenhouse gases (GHG) that arise from the combustion of fuels owned or controlled by the reporting organisation. Examples can be on-site combustion, organisation-owned fossil-fuel power plants or the emissions from the company fleet.

What is included in Scope 1 emissions?

Scope 1 emissions can be divided into three categories:

- Stationary combustion of fossil fuels at a facility (such as boiler, combustion turbines, process heaters, incinerators)

- Fugitive Emissions, which result from leaks of greenhouse gases over the operational lifetime of the equipment (refrigerated transport, industrial process refrigeration, cold storage warehouses, mobile air conditioning)

- Mobile combustion of owned or leased mobile sources (on-road vehicles, non-road vehicles (mobile machinery) 

How to measure Scope 1 emissions?

The GHG Protocol provides a thorough guidance which includes all necessary steps to measure the Scope 1 emissions that are related to your product or corporation.

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