PAS 2060

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What is PAS 2060?

As an internationally recognised standard, PAS 2060 has been developed by the British Standards Institution in 2010 in order to provide businesses with guidance on how to quantify, reduce and offset carbon emissions for organisations, products, services or events. 

The PAS 2060 standard provides a framework for certification and accuracy that enables organisations to show that their claims to be climate neutral are credible and verified. Building on existing standards, such as PAS 2050 and ISO14001, PAS 2060 allows organisations to demonstrate voluntary and earnest commitment to take climate action. It is also the only internationally recognised certification for corporate carbon neutrality. 

PAS 2060 benefits

While the adoption of the standard remains voluntarily, the usage of it holds a variety of benefits for organisations and can help them:

- reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

- quantify their carbon footprint

- increase environmental transparency

- strengthen customer loyalty and brand image

- direct their business strategy towards carbon neutrality in the short, medium and long run

- support meaningful carbon offset projects, bringing environmental and social value

- comply with current and future environmental regulations

PAS 2060 requirements

The standard provides 4 main steps to be taken on the way to carbon neutrality:

  1. Measure (calculation of the corporate carbon footprint including all Scopes using internationally recognised methodologies such as the GHG corporate protocol or ISO 14064)
  2. Reduce (develop a reduction strategy, including a time-scale, specific reduction targets, and a plan how residual emissions will be offset)
  3. Offset (residual emissions will be offset by high quality certified carbon credits)
  4. Document & Validate (documentation of carbon neutrality + public disclosure of all documentation supporting the carbon neutrality declaration)

It is important to note that although PAS 2060 allows for the purchase of carbon offset credits, organisations cannot obtain this certification by offsetting only.