Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind Planetly?

At the end of 2019, the two Berlin entrepreneurs Anna Alex and Benedikt Franke founded Planetly with the aim of making the business world carbon neutral. Our founders used their experience as entrepreneurs to take on the biggest challenge of our century: The climate crisis.

Both bring years of entrepreneurial experience with them: Anna as founder and Co-CEO of Outfittery, Benedikt as founder and Co-CEO of Helpling. They have set themselves the goal of supporting companies in climate action through technology.

Today, we are a growing team of entrepreneurs as well as technology and sustainability experts from various fields. We are united by the desire to create a company that drives change in the business world and works towards a carbon neutral economy. Planetly wants to be part of the solution to one of the most important problems of the 21st century!

What is Planetly's mission?

Our mission is to enable businesses to successfully transition
to a net zero economy.

As a technology company we help you to automate your carbon management, from data collection to reduction strategies and offsetting measures. Through continuous analysis, we provide you with a level of transparency never seen before – the basis for the long-term reduction of your emissions.

With Planetly, your company becomes a pioneer of climate action in your industry.

How does the carbon footprint analysis work?

Within our carbon footprint analysis, all carbon emitting activities in your company are identified and analysed.

The focus is on the emissions generated by your office operations as well as your production and logistics. Together, we collect your activity data such as electricity consumption, travel and transport data and the carbon footprint of your purchased and sold products and services. All collected activity data is multiplied by the relevant emission factors, which we provide via our databases and results in your carbon footprint.

Our carbon footprint analysis is based on the internationally recognised standards of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and can also be externally validated by TĂśV Rheinland. More information about the carbon analysis can be found here.

What data do I need for the analysis?

We calculate the carbon footprint of your company for each of your business locations.

The typical data that we collect for this purpose are energy consumption (electricity, heat), water consumption, waste, employee commuting and business travel, transport/logistics data, purchased products and services as well as data concerning your manufactured and sold products (manufacturing process, customer use, disposal).

At the beginning of our collaboration, we discuss with you which specific data needs to be collected for your company. You can then use our software to assign data collection tasks and track the progress of the data collection. Wherever primary data collection is difficult, i.e. lengthy and therefore expensive, Planetly can provide industry benchmarks to complete the missing information.

What is offsetting and how does it work?

In addition to the urgency of reducing carbon emissions, carbon offsetting is an additional instrument to achieve carbon neutrality and helps to compensate the part of your carbon emissions that cannot yet be avoided.

Carbon neutrality does not necessarily mean that no more carbon or other greenhouse gas emissions are emitted. Instead, the term refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted and absorbed by your company in the atmosphere.

By offsetting carbon emissions, you financially support climate action projects around the world that reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in our atmosphere or prevent their future emission. The projects cover a wide range of initiatives – from nature conservation and reforestation projects to the promotion of renewable energy production and innovative projects for carbon storage.

Planetly helps you to select the right projects and composes an individual portfolio of offsetting projects and assists you in all administrative matters related to the purchase of carbon certificates and their retirement.

What offsetting projects does Planetly work with?

Planetly offers a wide range of different offsetting projects. We only work with offsetting projects that are certified according to the strictest standards, thus ensuring their real, sustainable and long-term impact. Our carefully selected projects ensure ecological integrity and maximise social impact. Two of the best known standards we work with are the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). We create a custom offset project portfolio based on your requirements and wishes.

Can Planetly also help reduce my company's carbon footprint?

Yes, because we believe that the right way to fight the climate crisis is a combination of reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. That’s why we do not only provide you with an accurate analysis of your carbon footprint and an overview of your major emission sources. We also equip you with concrete measures and guidelines to reduce them in the long term and in an appropriate and sustainable way. With our software you can identify your emission hotspots, define suitable carbon reduction measures and check their implementation and success over time.

Do you provide a certification? If so, what type?

If you fulfil the criteria of Planetly’s seal policy, we confirm that you are a “Carbon Conscious” or “Carbon Neutral” company. In this case, you may also use the respective seal for your communication.

For external certification, we also work together with TĂśV Rheinland, which checks and confirms both the methodology and accuracy of our analysis and the purchase of carbon credits.

What makes Planetly different from other providers?

At Planetly we believe in the power of technology and with our software we want to make carbon management easier than ever before.

We know that data collection for carbon footprint analysis can be a very tedious process. Together with you, we will simplify this process as much as possible by replacing manual work with intelligent technology.

For us, true carbon intelligence means that with our software, you can quickly identify your most important carbon hotspots in order to define and implement effective carbon reduction strategies and track their success. With our software, you can automatically calculate, benchmark and reduce your carbon footprint. You can make your successes visible with the help of data.

We work together with an experienced team of experts who have many years of carbon accounting experience and are currently working on carbon accounting standards in decision making positions. Our analyses are also 100% compliant with the requirements and guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Corporate Standard, Value Chain Standard and Product Lifecycle Standard.

In the area of carbon offsetting, Planetly only works with trustworthy projects that are certified according to the highest global standards (e.g. Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard). In addition, we customise all offsetting portfolios according to your needs and help you to talk about your efforts by supporting you in all your marketing and communication activities related to climate action.

Can any company work with Planetly to become carbon neutral?

We work with companies and institutions across different sectors of the economy because we are convinced that only together we can successfully work towards a more climate-friendly economy. We are happy to discuss the scope of your individual carbon footprint analysis with you. In this way, we can ensure that the right processes are put in place to successfully make your business carbon neutral.

Please note that certain limitations may apply based on company size, scalability or business activities.

How does my company become carbon neutral with Planetly?

Planetly’s mission is to enable businesses to successfully transition to a net-zero economy. Companies can achieve carbon neutrality in the early stages of the journey toward net-zero, when emitted emissions are compensated for with carbon reduction or carbon removal projects.

Carbon neutrality is achieved when the GHG emissions attributed to a company’s operations, products or services have been fully offset by using at least an equivalent amount of carbon credits, such that the net contribution to global GHG emissions is zero. In addition, it is absolutely crucial that companies back up their climate action claims with efforts to decarbonise their operations and supply chains. Doing so is essential to help accelerate the world on its path to net-zero by 2050.

Our requirements and recommendations have been updated in July 2022, to take into account the latest scientific findings relating to climate change, recent industry guidance, and new trends in the voluntary carbon market.

Curious about our thinking on the climate action journey and the exact criteria for receiving Planetly’s seal? Download the Planetly Seal Guide as PDF.