Remazing Becomes a Carbon Neutral Full-Service Agency

Remazing is a leading agency and software solution for brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Together with Planetly, Remazing calculated, analysed and offset their carbon footprint for 2020. Planetly also supports Remazing in developing reduction strategies to reduce carbon emissions now and in the future.

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129 t
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Background & Objectives

Since 2016, Remazing has been supporting companies as a global full-service agency across all relevant Amazon markets. More than 50 international e-commerce experts develop strategies and ensure the implementation of content optimisation, advertising campaigns and the use of monitoring solutions.

Remazing sees climate change as one of the biggest global and societal challenges. Sustainability and environmental protection become increasingly important within the company. This was also driven by the Fridays for Future movement and its demonstrations happening very close to the Remazing office in Hamburg.  

As an Amazon agency, Remazing is very KPI-driven in their daily work with clients but also internally. They addressed gaining transparency around their carbon emissions with a similar passion for data and performance. Accurately calculating their carbon footprint is truly important to identify the biggest levers for reduction. Therefore, all internal activities and processes have been taken into account in the calculation.

“Remazing’s vision is to become the #1 global partner for brands in online marketplaces. The earlier we integrate sustainability into our actions, the more we can fulfil our social obligation to protect the environment, even as we grow. Our initially small steps will become bigger and bigger over time.”


Remazing's Carbon Footprint

Remazing’s carbon footprint includes direct and energy-related emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) as well as emissions generated by service providers and purchased products and services (scope 3).

As one of our pilot customers, Remazing used the Planetly software to calculate and analyse their carbon footprint. They were able to easily upload their own files and invoices in the software to then see the result and the breakdown of their carbon footprint into the GHG Protocol categories (scope 1, 2 and 3) in their interactive dashboard.

Analysis Results

We were able to identify four main areas that cause emissions. The largest part of the carbon footprint is caused by heating and electricity consumption in Remazing’s office, followed by business travel and employee commute. Remazing already creates incentives to make commuting as sustainable as possible by offering all employees a public transport ticket.

External services used by the company make up the third largest part of the footprint. Emissions are also generated when customers use Remazing’s software and visit the website – but this share is actually very low with 0.13 t CO2e.

129 t CO2e
total carbon emissions
66.4 t CO2e
Heating &
42.5 t CO2e
Business travel &
19.4 t CO2e
External service

Remazing Wants to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Remazing provides all employees with a ticket for public transport in Hamburg and the surrounding area. An additional incentive to give up the car is the central location of the office in the middle of the city centre: employees can easily reach it from every corner of Hamburg by bus, train or even by bike. For business trips, Remazing prefers taking the train as much as possible.

The office has a modern water filter so that employees can always fill fresh water into their own drinking bottles. Since the filter has been installed, a lot less bottled drinks are consumed and ordered.
Those drinks that are still ordered come in reusable glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

Remazing also works very digital: Next to nothing is actually printed, saving paper, electricity and other resources traditionally consumed by companies.

Remazing is committed to not only fully offset their carbon emissions but to also reduce them as much as possible. They therefore look into several reduction measures, such as switching their office to green electricity, digital heating control and the minimisation of business trips.

CLimate action

Remazing Offset Their Carbon Footprint

Remazing wanted to involve the entire team in selecting their climate action portfolio. They chose two impactful rainforest projects to offset their carbon footprint which pursue strategies to address the causes of deforestation and forest degradation.

The REDD+ rainforest project on the island of Borneo in Indonesia is saving 64,500 hectares of peat swamp forests from being converted into palm oil plantations. In addition, the project supports local communities in sustainable agriculture and protects biodiversity in the region.

REDD+ Borneo Rainforest
Protection Project

1 / 2

REDD+ Rainforest Protection
Project Andean Amazon

2 / 2

The REDD+ project in Peru protects 182,000 hectares of Andean rainforest and also supports the local population there, for example through training in sustainable agriculture and Fairtrade certifications.

Both projects are certified by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standard (CCBS).