Ludo Fact Brings Sustainability to the Games Industry

Ludo Fact has been bringing pleasure to the world for over 25 years: 70,000 board games a day, 350,000 games and puzzles a week and up to 17 million units a year - for around 200 game publishers worldwide.

Sustainability is one of the driving factors of the Group. Ludo Fact is committed to a low carbon footprint and the use of sustainable materials. Planetly supports Ludo Fact in the first steps on the way to carbon neutrality.

And sustainability matters across the entire Group: Not only the game manufacturer Ludo Fact, but also the sister companies Ludo Packt (logistics service provider) and Vento Ludens (project developer of renewable energies), which are located at the Jettingen-Scheppach site, also want to reduce their CO2 footprint and compensate residual emissions.

Consumer Goods
Jettingen, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
1083 t
825 t
CO2 Offset
Offset Projects
Analysis Period

Background & Objectives

For more than 25 years, the Ludo Fact group of companies has been environmentally conscious and has been investing in renewable energies for more than 20 years. Ludo Fact wants to ensure that the games industry does its part to protect our planet.

The Group therefore puts environmentally conscious action in the focus and, for example, already works with short transport routes, sustainable materials, renewable energies and its own non-profit association which develops and implements social projects in Burkina Faso.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Ludo Fact has now teamed up with Planetly to measure and reduce the company's carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions. The goal: to become a carbon neutral company - in the first step at the Jettingen site, and in the future at all of the Group's locations.

“Planetly accompanied us with highly competent staff members through the process of becoming a carbon neutral operation. In every call that we had with Planetly, we felt the dedication and passion of each of their employees to support companies to measure, decrease and compensate carbon footprints of companies. Therefore, we do certainly recommend Planetly as a partner for companies that want to become more sustainable. ”


Ludo Fact's Carbon Footprint

Although the Group has no direct control over all emissions, the company's carbon footprint takes into account not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2), but also emissions that occur outside the organisation, for example through purchased products and services (Scope 3).

In the CO2 analysis, the relevant activities of the companies Ludo Fact GmbH, Ludo Packt GmbH & Co. KG, vento ludens GmbH & Co. KG as well as the administration of the umbrella company HW Holding GmbH at the Jettingen site were taken into account.

Analysis Results

The commuting of employees accounts for about 40% of the total footprint of the Group. This is mainly due to the fact that a large part of the employees travel by car and that it is a rural location. The second largest share of the footprint is caused by heating the Ludo Fact locations. Emissions from purchased goods and services are comparatively low at 75.3 t CO2e.

1083 t CO2e
total carbon emissions
579.7 t CO2e
Employee emissions
428.5 t CO2e
Building emissions
75.3 t CO2e
Procurement emissions

The Ludo Fact Group wants to avoid and reduce emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions, Ludo Fact has already implemented a number of measures.

All German locations of the Ludo Fact Group (Ludo Fact, Ludo Packt, Friedmann Print Data Solutions and Höhn Display & Verpackung) have already been converted to green electricity. The photovoltaic modules on the roof of the factory in Jettingen-Scheppach and on the Ludo Packt warehouse generate around 70 % of the factory's annual electricity requirements on a purely mathematical basis.

Ludo Fact also uses sustainable materials in the production of its games and is FSC® and PEFC™ certified. Sustainability also plays a major role when selecting its suppliers.

At both Ludo Fact and Ludo Packt, the entire lighting system was converted to LED spotlights in 2021. This will save several hundred thousand kilowatt hours of electricity and the lighting conditions at the workplaces have improved by more than 60%. Ludo Fact also obtains most of its raw materials and materials from regional sources and is thus able to shorten transport distances considerably.

The owner of the Group has founded his own non-profit association, which develops and implements social projects in Burkina Faso. Among the projects completed so far are the construction of deep wells, the planting of vegetable gardens, the realisation of schools and health care as well as the shipment of aid containers.

In the coming years, Ludo Fact will develop further measures together with partners such as Planetly in order to achieve the goal of making games an all-round sustainable product step by step.

climate action

Ludo Fact offsets emissions from 2020

The Group has decided to compensate unavoidable emissions from 2020 via certified climate action projects and thus achieve the status of a carbon neutral company at the Jettingen site. Ludo Fact, Ludo Packt as well as vento ludens already purchase carbon neutral natural gas, i.e. the CO2 emissions generated in the production and delivery of natural gas are offset elsewhere through environmental projects. Ludo Fact offsets the remaining 825 t CO2e for 2020 by supporting climate projects in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Indonesia.

The project in Indonesia is saving 64,500 hectares of carbon-rich peat swamp forests with high biodiversity in lowland Borneo from conversion into palm oil plantations surrounding the entire project area. Project activities avoid the release of 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere each year. In Kenya, Ludo Fact supports a project that provides fuel-efficient cookstoves to rural communities. The efficient cookstoves produce less soot and smoke, resulting in fewer respiratory illnesses. The project saves around 375,000 tonnes of CO2e annually. The project in Zimbabwe enables the construction and maintenance of water pumps to provide safe and clean water to local households and communities.

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