Forto's Mission: Making the Sustainable Choice the Norm in Logistics

Forto, one of the leading providers of digitised freight forwarding and supply chain solutions, commits to sustainability in logistics.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in Forto’s DNA and under #fortomorrow, the company combines several initiatives and values for a better future in society and in the industry. As part of this commitment, Forto decided to partner with Planetly to gain carbon transparency and calculate its carbon footprint for 2019 and going forward. The goal: staying climate neutral as a company and improving the emissions' calculation processes. 

Berlin, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
907 t CO2e (2019)
1,182 t CO2e (2020)
18 locations across Europe and Asia including Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai
2,089 t
Carbon Offset
(2019 & 2020)
Offset Projects
2019 & 2020
Analysis Period
About Forto

Background & Objectives

Forto Logistics GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2016 under the name FreightHub in Berlin with the vision to deliver a highly transparent, frictionless and sustainable digital supply chain. The company develops groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technologies and services that go far beyond transporting goods from A to B. The easy-to-use and intuitive platform enables customers to optimise and control their entire global supply chain. With over 2,500 customers and 18 locations across the globe, Forto currently employs around 700 people. 

With the help of innovative technology, Forto aims to solve transparency issues in the industry and enable customers to stay on top of their shipments. Forto is passionately committed to global trade and strives to increase global prosperity while promoting sustainability.

Since early 2021, Forto and Planetly have worked together to retrospectively and continuously measure the carbon footprint of the transports booked by Forto’s customers in order to identify emission reduction potentials. Through the collaboration, Forto's customers offset unavoidable emissions through certified climate projects.

Planetly further supports Forto in creating transparency about its own company emissions and in developing effective strategies to reduce them. 

“As one of our core values and part of our company purpose, Forto is strongly engaged in sustainability. Since our foundation in 2016, we have calculated, reduced and offset our internal emissions. By 2025, our moonshot goal is to achieve 100% climate neutral operations from both internal and service-related operations."


Forto's Carbon Footprint

Forto’s carbon footprint includes not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also other indirect emissions that occur outside the organisation (Scope 3). Currently, emissions from transport services are not included in the calculation of our corporate carbon footprint, as the full focus is specifically on company-generated emissions. Nevertheless, this issue is being tackled in collaboration with our customers. 

The various types of emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents (short: CO2e) to make them addable and comparable. Forto’s carbon footprint was 907 t CO2e for 2019 and 1,182 t CO2e for 2020.

Analysis Results

The largest share of Forto’s corporate carbon footprint in 2020 came from purchased goods and services the company uses. External procurement including purchased goods and services as well as external servers account for 62% (737t CO2e) of the total carbon footprint. 

Employee emissions, such as business travel and commuting to the office, account for the second-largest share of Forto’s 2020 footprint, followed by building emissions such as electricity.

1,182 t CO2e
total carbon emissions
58 t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
45 t CO2e
Scope 2 emissions
1,078 t CO2e
Scope 3 emissions

Forto Sets a New Industry Benchmark

Sustainability is at the core of Forto’s operations. Since day one, the company has measured and compensated for its corporate carbon footprint.

To reduce emissions, Forto’s offices are running on green electricity and are equipped with energy-efficient electronics. The company offers its employees only vegetarian and vegan food, and prefers, in accordance with availability, regional and organic products. Moreover, Forto works paperless wherever possible. Employees are also encouraged to use only rail and public transport for business trips within Germany. By launching the Forto personal offsetting pledge, Forto encourages every employee to offset their own personal carbon footprint. 

And Forto does not stop there. The company offers offsetting by default for all Sea-Freight FCL shipments and thus encourages its customers to compensate for all emissions caused by their transports. Forto is committed to offer 100% climate neutral transport as a standard by 2025. Because at Forto, we believe that sustainability should not just be an option, but rather the new standard.

CLimate action

Forto Compensates Emissions for 2019 and 2020

Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on unavoidable emissions. Forto therefore decided to offset the company’s carbon footprint by supporting a REDD+ rainforest protection project in Indonesia, a hydro project in Turkey, and a biogas project in China.

REDD+ Rainforest
Protection Project

1 / 3

Small-scale Hydro

2 / 3

Poor Household Biogas
Development Project

3 / 3