Planetly Supports Banxware on Their Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Banxware is a B2B software provider for Lending as a Service. With a Banxware integration, any platform can offer its platform merchants digital access to instant financing - integrated into the familiar platform environment.
Together with Planetly, Banxware calculated and offset its carbon footprint. The calculation involved offsetting emissions that occur in the office or home office, but also emissions from purchased IT services and website visits.

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85 t
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Background & Objectives

We only have one planet earth - that is why Banxware is committed to protecting it and considers it their duty to play their part as a company. Banxware wants to motivate their employees to engage in climate action. Being a start-up, they want to integrate awareness for the topic into their corporate philosophy from the very beginning. Planetly helps Banxware to develop an understanding of the emissions they generate and to improve them continuously.

Banxware has partnered with Planetly to create transparency about their carbon footprint and reduce it in the long term. With the Planetly Climate Impact Manager, Banxware now has an overview of the carbon emissions of its business activities. Planetly also supports Banxware in the reduction and compensation of carbon emissions.

“For the whole team at Banxware, it was only natural for us to start directly on the path to climate neutrality. The Planetly team supports us throughout this process and helps us to get a little better every day.”


Banxware's Carbon Footprint

Banxware's carbon footprint includes both energy-related emissions (Scope 2) and emissions generated by service providers and purchased products and services (Scope 3).

As a company without physical products, Banxware mainly generates emissions through external products and services. We have taken a closer look at them.

Analysis Results

The most significant share of Banxware's carbon footprint is generated by purchasing external products and services. This covers the purchase of consulting services, IT services, office equipment, IT equipment and catering for employees. Likewise, emissions caused by the employees themselves are taken into account. For example, emissions also occur when working from home or whilst commuting. However, these are comparatively low at 5.8 t CO2e. Adding up all the emissions from business, employees, purchasing and customers, Banxware’s carbon footprint for 2020 is 84.8 tonnes of CO2e.

85 t CO2e
total carbon emissions
73 t CO2e
External services &
6 t CO2e
Commuting &
Home Office
6 t CO2e
Building emissions such as electricity

Banxware Takes Climate Action

As a financial technology company, the development andoperation of software is a significant driver for Banxware. By choosing a data centre with green electricity and an energy-saving architecture of its software, the company can reduce its emissions. In the future, the selection of partners and service providers will also focus on ensuring that as few emissions as possible are created.

As a young company founded in the Corona pandemic, Banxware's office is currently very empty. Nevertheless, the company wants to become more sustainable and improve, for example, the waste separation and the coffee supply with the support of its team members. However, it is even more important for them to create awareness for climate-friendly ways of working from home.

Banxware has just begun their revolutionary journey to transform the credit market. The company embraces sustainability right from the start and wants to get better and better at it. Planetly helps them to track emissions automatically and in real-time. With this data-driven approach, Banxware receives important information on possible actions to reduce its own carbon footprint step by step.

CLimate action

Banxware Supports Certified Climate Action Projects

Banxware has decided to offset all unavoidable emissions from 2020. The Banxware team has jointly chosen two certified climate action projects in Kenya and Indonesia.

In Kenya, Banxware supports a project in the Kakamega region. It is home to the Kakamega rainforest, Kenya's last remaining rainforest. The project provides fuel-efficient cookstoves to rural communities in the area. This reduces household wood consumption by almost half and thus significantly reduces deforestation of the Kakamega rainforest.

REDD+ Borneo Rainforest
Protection Project

1 / 2

Efficient Cookstoves

2 / 2

In Indonesia, Banxware supports a REDD+ project that saves 64,500 hectares of carbon-rich peat swamp forests with high biodiversity in lowland Borneo from conversion into palm oil plantations. The project activities prevent the release of 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year into the atmosphere. In addition, local communities are supported through training in sustainable agriculture. Plus, biodiversity and the wildlife habitat are protected.

Both projects are certified by the highest standards, including the Gold Standard and the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).