Axel Springer National Media & Tech Brings Sustainability Into the Publishing Industry

Axel Springer National Media & Tech brings publishing to the next level by using smart technology to drive journalism forward and make it accessible to everyone. 

As part of its own sustainability efforts, the company works with Planetly to gain transparency about its carbon emissions and to identify effective action to reduce them over time.

Media & Tech
Berlin, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
1140 t CO2e
811 t
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About Axel Springer National Media & Tech

Background & Objectives

As a media and technology company, Axel Springer National Media & Tech wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. In order to fulfil this responsibility, they want to make their business, decisions, processes and products sustainable and contribute to transforming Axel Springer National Media & Tech into a carbon neutral company in the long term. For this reason, the company has established sustainability as an official company value in 2019.

Being aware of their own digital footprint, the company wanted to work harder on reducing their emissions and minimise their own impact on the planet. Looking for a competent and trustworthy partner to reduce emissions in the long-term, they are happy to have found this support in Planetly.

“Climate change is the central issue of our time and requires the greatest efforts from everyone. As a future-driven media and tech company, it is important for us to take responsibility and, above all, to actively shape sustainability in the digital sector.”


Axel Springer National Media & Tech’s Carbon Footprint

To calculate the carbon footprint, we took a closer look at all relevant activities across Axel Springer National Media & Tech’s operations. This includes not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also other indirect emissions that occur outside the organisation (Scope 3).

The various types of emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents (short: CO2e) to make them addable and comparable. Adding up all emissions, Axel Springer National Media & Tech had a footprint of 1.140 t CO2e in 2020.

Analysis Results

As a digital company with no physical products, more than 70% of NMT's carbon emissions are caused within scope 3. Emissions in scope 1 and 2 are comparatively low.

1140 t CO2e
total carbon emissions
35.9 t CO2e
Scope 1
272 t CO2e
Scope 2
832 t CO2e
Scope 3

Axel Springer National Media & Tech is Committed to Reduce its Own Environmental Impact

Next to compensating unavoidable emissions, Axel Springer National Media & Tech focuses its sustainability efforts on four areas: information, avoidance and reduction, commitment as well as compensation. They have already implemented first measures and are constantly working on their reduction potential: their offices run on 100% green electricity, they make use of a purchasing tool with sustainable office products and offer their employees to use a job bike.
In addition, they also offer exchange and information formats for their employees, such as learning lunches on the topic of sustainability, with the aim to raise awareness among them and to collect new ideas that then can be discussed and implemented with the help of their internal sustainability ambassadors and the sustainability community. 

In the future, NMT would like to incorporate the topic of sustainability even more strongly in all of their processes, create greater awareness within the company and focus in particular on the reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions.

CLimate action

Axel Springer National Media & Tech Takes Climate Action

Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on unavoidable emissions. Axel Springer National Media & Tech therefore decided to offset the company’s carbon footprint from 2020 by supporting two climate projects - one in Peru and one in Sierra Leone.

REDD+ Rainforest
Protection Project

1 / 2

Clean Water

Sierra Leone
2 / 2