Market Research With Appinio Becomes Carbon Neutral

Appinio is a global market research company that helps companies to validate decisions and ideas with representative insights from specific target groups within mere minutes.

To build resilience for the future and become a carbon neutral company, Appinio joined forces with Planetly. Planetly supports Appinio in assessing the company’s lifetime carbon footprint (2014 to date) and in developing effective actions to continuously reduce emissions.

Market Research
Hamburg, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
383 t
422 t
Carbon Offset
Offset Project
2014 - 2020
Analysis Period
About appinio

Background & Objectives

Appinio is a market research company founded in 2014 and based in Hamburg. The company aims to democratise market research through its online platform which enables anyone to conduct real-time market research with its panel across 50 markets.

The connection between sustainability and market research may not be obvious at first glance - but taking a closer look it becomes much clearer. By asking the individual target group, market research makes change and innovation in companies easier and more efficient. Integrating target groups into development processes not only saves time and money but also minimises error rates that often lead to important resources being wasted.

As the fastest solution for market research, Appinio helps thousands of companies worldwide to make decisions in a customer-centric and thus more sustainable way.

The next step is to make Appinio carbon neutral, as founder Jonathan Kurfess is convinced that carbon neutrality should become the new standard.

“Market research is not packaged in plastic, but we’re aware that our daily business does have a carbon footprint that we would like to bring to zero. With Planetly, we've found a partner that supports us in measuring, developing and implementing initiatives to reduce our CO2.”


Appinio's Carbon Footprint

Appinio's carbon footprint includes direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 and 2) as well as emissions caused by service providers that the company uses (Scope 3).
Appinio’s carbon emissions come from heating consumption in the office, office equipment, business travel, employee commute and external services.

Analysis Results

Appinio’s carbon footprint in 2020 was 161.3 t CO2e. The biggest share (112.8 t CO2e) came from purchased goods and services used by the company. These include, for example, consulting services and translation service providers, but also external software and services, for example for ads via Facebook. Building emissions make up the second largest part of the footprint (24 t CO2e), mainly driven by heating-based emissions. Emissions from employee commuting, working from home and business travel came up to 21.9 t CO2e.

Based on Appinio’s carbon footprint in 2019 (59 t CO2e), we have extrapolated the result via the number of employees to the previous years since the company was founded (2014) and arrive at a current lifetime footprint of 383.2 t CO2e.

161.3 t CO2e
total carbon emissions (2020)
0.603 t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
20.3 t CO2e
Scope 2 emissions
140.5 t CO2e
Scope 3 emissions

Appinio Wants to Reduce & Avoid Emissions

To reduce CO2 emissions, Appinio has already switched to green electricity in its own office. All employees also receive a ticket for local public transport. For business trips, Appinio prefers to travel by train whenever possible.

Since early 2020, Appinio has also been a partner of the Eden Reforestation Projects. The company plants trees for every market research project conducted with Appinio. Appinio users can redeem their coins won in surveys to plant trees. So far, 51,350 trees have been planted this way (last update: 17 March 2020).

To further reduce emissions, Appinio is not only implementing a reduction strategy with Planetly, but also continuously measures its carbon footprint, plants a tree for every survey and gives 10% additional credits for carbon neutral companies.

CLimate action

Appinio Offset Its Carbon Footprint for 2019

Emissions from the past cannot be reduced anymore at this point. To still have a positive impact, Appinio decided to compensate for all emissions from 2014 - 2020 by supporting high-impact climate projects in India, Indonesia and Ethiopia. In total, Appinio compensated 422 t CO2e.

The first project of Appinio’s climate portfolio aims to disseminate solar water heaters in hospitals, schools, universities and SMEs across India, providing a reliable supply of hot water at a reasonable cost. The programme trains skilled workers and makes a significant contribution to education for sustainable development through teaching and information events. With the second project, Appinio is supporting the protection of 64,500 hectares of high biodiversity peat swamp forests from conversion into palm oil plantations, while at the same time training local communities in sustainable agriculture. Palm oil is a product that is unfortunately still very common in our everyday consumption. This is one of the reasons why Appinio has chosen the REDD+ Borneo Rainforest Project.

The third project collaborates with Fairtrade Netherlands to reduce the deforestation of local forests by distributing cleaner cookstoves to households of rural coffee farmers in Ethiopia. Thanks to the project, 12,000 efficient cooking stoves have been installed, preventing the deforestation and burning of 25,000 kilograms of wood. This corresponds to a saving of 40,000 tons of CO2e into the atmosphere. All projects are carefully selected and certified under the highest standards, including the Gold Standard.

Solar Water Heater

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REDD+ Rainforest
Protection Project

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Cookstoves for Coffee
Farmers Project

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