Private Search and Discovery Browser Xayn Commits to Carbon Neutrality

Xayn, the private search and discovery browser, is committed to take climate action as an essential part of the company’s larger sustainability strategy which also includes its commitment to privacy as a human right and to transparent, ethical AI.

For the climate action pillar, Xayn partnered with Planetly to gain a holistic understanding of the company’s climate impact.

Berlin, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
93 t
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Background & Objectives

Xayn was founded to solve the problem of protecting digital privacy - the biggest challenge of our time next to the climate crisis according to Apple’s Tim Cook. The next logical step for Xayn was to focus on understanding the company’s impact on the environment.

Xayn therefore partnered with Planetly to first gain transparency about the company’s carbon footprint and then focus on avoiding, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions over time.

“At this stage of the climate crisis, every single consumer choice matters. That includes the tech we use every day. In a way, every bit matters.”



's Carbon Footprint

To calculate the carbon footprint, we took a closer look at all relevant activities across Xayn’s operations. This includes not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by purchased goods and services and other emissions that occur outside the organisation (Scope 3).

The various types of emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents (short: CO2e) to make them addable and comparable. Adding up all emissions, Xayn had a footprint of 93 t CO2e in 2020.


Analysis Results

The majority of Xayn’s emissions (78%) in 2020 were caused by procurement and external service providers the company uses, including, for example, IT financial and marketing services. Emissions from electricity & heating (7.9t CO2e) as well as emissions caused by employee commute, travel and teleworking (12.3 CO2e) are comparatively low.

93 t
t CO2e
total carbon emissions
72.8 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Procurement emissions
12.3 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Employee emissions
7.9 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Building emissions

Xayn Is Committed to Reduce Its Environmental Impact

Xayn already introduced the first climate action measures in 2019. This includes a no-fly travel policy for all employees within its home market Germany and a paperless office.

As the majority of Xayn’s emissions for 2020 were caused by procurement and external service providers, the company is already taking action here and consciously favours sustainable providers even if it involves a higher price point.

CLimate action

Xayn Offsets Its Entire Carbon Footprint from 2020

Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on unavoidable emissions. Xayn therefore decided to offset the company’s entire carbon footprint from 2020 by supporting a climate project in Indonesia. The project in Borneo protects 64,500 hectares of carbon-rich peat swamp forests with a high biodiversity from being turned into palm oil plantations. On top of that, the project makes sure to support local communities by providing training in sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

The project is accredited by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCBS) and contributes to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

REDD+ Borneo Rainforest Protection Project