Strichpunkt Professionalises its CO2 Management to Take Climate Action

Strichpunkt is a creative design agency, providing services in the areas of brand consulting, corporate identity, brand design and experience design.

As part of its own sustainability efforts, the company works with Planetly to gain transparency about its carbon emissions and to identify effective action to reduce them over time.

Stuttgart, Germany
Berlin, Stuttgart, Shanghai
Carbon Footprint:
503 t
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Background & Objectives

Strichpunkt believes that good design can change the world for the better. Today, more than ever, the world is in trouble, and we need to rethink everything we do to shift the way we live, love and laugh into a healthy and sustainable direction.

As a company with more than 120 people, Strichpunkt wants to take more responsibility for its own actions. Even though they do not produce physical products, they know that the way they work, travel and behave has an environmental impact. From now on, they plan to actively reduce their carbon emissions with the goal to not only be carbon neutral by compensation, but to lower their footprint step by step. In addition, they aim to be more conscious within their everyday decisions.

Strichpunkt is aware that it is a serious task and a big goal. But they believe a change like this needs to be fun - because there is no better fuel to launch big changes.

“To fight climate change, there is no easy solution, no “clean-up feature,” and no Photoshop magic wand we can use to make the world better again. We want to take more ecological responsibility for our actions and have decided to professionalise our CO2 management by working with Planetly.”



's Carbon Footprint

To calculate the carbon footprint, we took a closer look at all relevant activities across Strichpunkt’s operations. This includes not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by purchased goods and services and other emissions that occur outside the organisation (Scope 3).

The various types of emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents (short: CO2e) to make them addable and comparable. Adding up all emissions, Strichpunkt had a footprint of 502.8 t CO2e in 2020.


Analysis Results

Strichpunkt’s biggest emission drivers are employee-related emissions, including employee commuting, company fleet, and business trips, but also professional service providers the company uses. Building emissions such as electricity and heating account for the third largest part of the carbon footprint.

502.8 t
t CO2e
total carbon emissions
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Employee commute, company fleet & business travel
153.9 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Purchased goods and services
86.4 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Building emissions, including electricity and heating

Strichpunkt Is Committed to Reduce its Environmental Impact

Strichpunkt has recognised the importance of shifting operations towards a more climate-friendly business, with the goal to be carbon neutral by the end of 2021.

In order to reduce its own impact on the environment, Strichpunkt has already started to implement effective reduction measures across its business operations. The company implemented a “train-first” rule for employees on all distances below 800 km, converted to green electricity in its Berlin office, and switched to green service providers regarding shipments.

They also encourage their employees to reduce emissions from employee commuting by offering remote working options. On top of that, they took the measure of banning the use of disposable dishes across their offices.

In the future, Strichpunkt plans to implement a wide range of additional reduction measures, for example by changing its fleet step by step into a hybrid / e-mobility fleet, offering sustainable snacks and catering, and by implementing waste separation, smart heating and smart light management in their offices. Besides that, they intend to offer employees the option to get financial support when commuting to work with public transport. In addition, Strichpunkt plans to develop a method to provide carbon neutral project management to its clients in the future.

CLimate action

Strichpunkt Takes Climate Action

Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on unavoidable emissions. Strichpunkt therefore decided to offset the company’s carbon footprint from 2020 by supporting 3 different climate projects in India, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The first project they support is a Solar Water Heater Project in India, which offers a renewable energy solution to displace fossil fuel energy dependency in India by distributing solar water heaters to hospitals, schools, universities and households. The second project, the REDD+ Borneo Rainforest Protection Project, pursues long-term strategies to address the causes of deforestation and forest degradation on Borneo. This project saves 64,500 hectares of carbon-rich peat swamp forests with high biodiversity from conversion to palm oil plantations, and supports 10,000 forest-dependent community members through training in sustainable agriculture. And thirdly, the Cookstoves for Coffee Farmers Project in Ethiopia offers a renewable energy solution for cooking stoves for rural coffee farmers in Ethiopia by installing over 12,000 efficient cookstoves.

Solar Water Heater Project India


Cookstoves for Coffee Farmers Ethiopia


REDD+ Borneo Rainforest Protection Project