GameDuell Commits to Become a Carbon Neutral Games Company

GameDuell builds multiplayer games for consumers all around the world. By using cutting-edge open-source technologies, they are creating a rich gaming experience for players across several platforms.

As part of its own sustainability efforts, the company works with Planetly to gain transparency about its carbon emissions and to identify effective action to reduce them over time.

Berlin, Germany
Carbon Footprint:
1,114 t
1,225 t
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Background & Objectives

GameDuell is one of Europe’s most experienced games studios. Based on their mission to “Bringing people together to have a good time with games”, they have realised that this cannot be fulfilled, if they do not do their part to contribute to the protection of our environment to ensure a sustainable future.

Supporting a sustainable way of living and working has been part of GameDuell’s mission from early on. With sustainability being one of their 10 core values, the next logical step for the company was not only to also create carbon transparency about its own operations, but also among their external service providers.

They therefore partnered with Planetly to measure the company’s carbon footprint, develop effective reduction strategies and compensate for emissions that cannot yet be avoided.

“We are very happy to be transforming into a carbon neutral games company and to share our efforts. Let’s do it and have fun together on the way.”



's Carbon Footprint

To calculate the carbon footprint, we took a closer look at all relevant activities across GameDuell’s operations. This includes not only direct and energy-related emissions (Scope 1 & 2) but also indirect emissions caused by purchased goods and services and other emissions that occur outside the organisation (Scope 3).

The various types of emissions are calculated in CO2 equivalents (short: CO2e) to make them addable and comparable. Adding up all emissions, GameDuell had a footprint of 1,114t CO2e in 2019.


Analysis Results

GameDuell’s biggest emission drivers are professional services the company uses and the emissions generated by GameDuell’s customers when playing their games.The third largest share of GameDuell’s footprint comes from building emissions such as electricity and heating.

1,114 t
t CO2e
total carbon emissions
479.3 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Procurement emissions
441.7 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Customer emissions
114.8 t
t CO2e
Scope 1 emissions
Building emissions

GameDuell Puts Effort Into Drastically Reducing Its CO2 Footprint

After calculating the carbon footprint of their direct business operations in 2018, GameDuell wanted to take it a step further for 2019 and include the calculation of all of their external service providers and users as well.

GameDuell is also committed to further improve its own impact by implementing effective reduction measures across its operations. So far, GameDuell started to minimise its carbon footprint at its office, for instance by switching to an all sustainable office material supplier, using green energy in their office and their data centers, and to focus on buying fair trade and environmentally friendly foods and beverages with vegan alternatives. Water dispensers have been introduced at the office to reduce plastic waste and all company events are organised as environmentally friendly as possible.

The company also minimised its emissions related to employee commuting and business travel by opting for more environmentally friendly transportation means and avoiding flights wherever possible.

In order to fight climate change, in 2009 GameDuell set up an internal “Green Team”, where all team members can take part and directly participate in the company’s many green initiatives, like significantly influencing travel and events, office supplies, as well as contract negotiations with suppliers within the office. Besides that, they also try to inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint, which is why they take part in two different green initiatives: “Leaders for Climate Action” and “Playing for the Planet”.

CLimate action

GameDuell Takes Climate Action

Offsetting is a relevant stepping-stone to have an immediate impact on unavoidable emissions. GameDuell therefore decided to offset the company’s carbon footprint from 2019 by supporting 3 different climate projects in The Netherlands, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

The first project is a biogas project in The Netherlands, which promotes economic growth by creating new economic opportunities within the agricultural sector in a sustainable way. The second project in Zimbabwe so far provides 11,870 people with access to safe water, over 32 million litres of clean, safe water supplied annually and saves around 10,000 tCO2e reduced emissions each year. And lastly, the third project provides efficient cookstoves for rural households in the Kakamega rainforest, saving approximately 375,000 tonnes CO2e from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Efficient Cookstoves Project Kenya


Clean Water Project Zimbabwe


Biogas Project Netherlands