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How to Analyse the Carbon Footprint of Your Company

Collect your company's emission data the smartway

Benefit from collaboration workflows, integrations, survey functions & project management dashboards to speed up your data collection.

Calculate your carbon footprint in real time

Once your data collection is complete, your carbon emissions are calculated and updated in real-time - fully compliant with international standards such as the GHG Protocol.

Identify & understand your emission hotspots

Track your carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3 and easily identify your biggest emission drivers in interactive dashboards.

How to get started

Book a demo & sign up

See our software in action to understand how you can make your carbon management easier and faster. Your account will be set up according to your needs.

Gain transparency

Simplify your data collection with collaboration features and integrations. Your carbon footprint is calculated in an instant so you can identify your biggest emission drivers.

Kick off your climate action

Identify high-impact reduction measures and define your long-term reduction roadmap. Offset emissions that cannot yet be avoided via certified climate projects.

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Automation significantly reduces time and effort
Real-time overview for maximum transparency
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