Typical Emission Sources in the Software & IT Industry

Emission Sources Software & IT

Data centres and servers are expected to create 14 % of the world’s emissions by 2040. Tech companies are therefore challenged to find solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

But where should your company start? What are typical emission hotspots for software and technology companies?

The above infographic highlights typical emission sources of the software and IT industry:

  • Scope 1 emissions: combustion from company vehicles and facilities
  • Scope 2 emissions: purchased electricity, internal server electricity and purchased heating & cooling
  • Scope 3 emissions: office equipment & IT supplies, employee commuting and business trips and customer software usage

To manage and reduce your company’s environmental impact, you need to find out what your biggest emission drivers are. Did you know that 78% of a tech company’s footprint is actually related to scope 3 emissions such as servers and purchased goods and services?

With software solutions like Planetly, you can easily collect your emission data and identify your emission hotspots to then develop effective reduction actions and targets. Reach out to us to get started today and bring your company on the path for a carbon neutral future.

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